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The Mo Satch story

“We do Jazzy Entertainment “
The musical styes are New Orleans, Ska, Ragga an popmusic.
Mo Satch improvises on 3 levels, musical, textual, and theatrical.

Alan Laurillard - sax, vocals - leader and composer of Greetje Bijma Kwintet, Noodband, and the North Pole Composers Orkest, Boy Edgar Prijs
Jimmy Sernesky - trumpet, vocals. - The Pheasant Pluckers, All Ellington, Available Jelly, Jango Edwards , Tetzepi
Axel Scheppert - trombone, vocals - trio BAM, Konrad Koselleck Big Band, Amsterdamse Bachvereniging, jeugdtheater Lichtbende.

We’d like to play on your stage, in your cafe, on the street corner and at cocktail parties.

Here are some vids which exemplify what we do: - One More Crime - Back Bounce - the Deal






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